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WIGS, Breastforms, advice, guidance and support.

During your appt I am able to offer a range of accessories, wigs, shoes & all types of forms.


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Call now: 07930811425

I’m Faye and I run an innovative new Trans gender service in the West Midlands.

All my services are delivered on an individual needs basis and I aim to personalise every experience for everyone of my girls.


I am available By appointment only and I aim to be up to date with the latest information, products and fashion surrounding the Transgender scene;  I live and breathe it and absolutely love taking a journey with my girls as they re-invent themselves.

My prices are competitive as I aim to make services available, affordable and

appropriate. I pride myself on a bargain so aim to give that to you and to share my findings to help your transformation journey feel complete.


Please note: I am a genuine admirer and have developed this service alongside and in conjunction with my Transgender friends and am proud to say I try to meet most needs a make each visit as unique as possible!

However I’m all for improvement so if what you want isn't here just ask and I will always try to meet your needs if possible. References are available upon request, just give us a call for any queries!


Whether you're looking to enhance your current look, develop a new one or have a chat in a supported environment …I’m your woman!

Email; fayesanders.fs@gmail.com